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Robot & Scarecrow

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A uniquely modern fairytale about love



An original fable by Kibwe Tavares.

Set amidst the euphoric madness of a summer music festival, Robot & Scarecrow is a uniquely modern fairytale about love. When a robot pop princess flees her keeper, she runs straight into the arms of a lonely scarecrow desperate for adventure. They spend an incredible night together, caught in a heady vortex of music and magic. Captured at Secret Garden Party by our visionary director Kibwe Tavares, this short film is the studio’s first project in character animation.



A journey of 3 years.

Never stop believing in your ideas or dreams no matter how hard or impossible the task ahead feels. Initially funded to capture the live-action and do some R&D, we had to wait 2 years to secure the necessary funding to complete the film. Thanks to Chocolate Tribe for stepping in with the bulk of the VFX, and investing in the delivery of the project for everyone’s benefit.

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It was really important to me that the CG characters we're led completely from the performace of Holiday and Jack. I didnt want to use green screen or controlled shooting, just a raw festival love story shot on location.
Kibwe Tavares


A determined collaboration

This project was a real collaboration in every sense, co-produced with DMC, co-designed with Nexus Studios, and co-delivered with Chocolate Tribe. The film was another step for Kibwe on his journey to feature films and a great lesson for everyone in what can be achieved with perseverance.

A poignant reminder that we all have a battery inside us that is running down - don't waste it


The Space Group
Factory Fifteen
Kibwe Tavares Director
Jonathan Gales Animation Director / 2nd Unit Camera
Paul Nicholls VFX Producer
Stefano Strabla 3D Artist
Tom Goodliffe VFX Artist
Matt Moult VFX Artist
Emir Tigrel Motion Graphics Artist
Ricardo David Rigging & Animation
Guillerrmo Del Rivero Production Assistant
The Space Finaciers
DMC Film Production
Nexus Co-Production / Robot Design / Lookdev
Chocolate Tribe VFX
Jack O'Connell Actor
Holliday Grainger Actor
Daniel Kaluuya Voice Actor
Luke Jacobs DOP
Jinx Godfrey Editor
Casting Aishha Walters
Gaika & Bon Music
Nils Frahm Music