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Noughts and Crosses

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What if Africa colonised Europe?



Adapting Malorie Blackman's Noughts and Crosses for the BBC

What would London look like if Africa had colonised Europe? Set in an alternative present, Noughts and Crosses flips the world we know, shifting power and prejudice in a dramatic adaptation of Malorie Blackman’s books. We were commissioned to help build the world of Noughts + Crosses; from the concept design of the world, to the final VFX, Factory Fifteen helped throughout the pre-production, production and post-production of the show. Noughts + Crosses is a six part drama made by Mammoth Screen for BBC.
Watch the show online HERE


A considered, research approach to designing the world of the show.

We retained the strong visual locator of the Thames River that runs through London. The capital was redesigned to create a clear visual divide between the Noughts on the South side and the Crosses on the North. Vibrant color and pattern play off a block estate vernacular that is familiar to London, whilst the Spirit of the Cross statue stands tall over an international CBD. Strong pyramidal-shaped office buildings stand firm in a modern and African-inspired architectural capital; Albion.

A series of architectural assets were designed for VFX in order to be used by all post-production companies across the series. This gave all teams and artists a consistent kit of parts along with the concept art for direction ensuring a cohesive world.

The world of Noughts + Crosses is a world of two sides, a world of contrasts and opposites. We re-designed the capital to create a clear visual divide between the Noughts on the South side and the Crosses on the North.
Jonathan Gales
Art Director


Concept art, production assets, VFX & show animated titles; end-to-end worldbuilding.

Factory Fifteen undertook the establishing and locating visual effects shots for the series. From the Nought estates to aerial city shots, our design package was integrated into the shot footage of the show.


Factory Fifteen
Jonathan Gales Creative Director
Kibwe Tavares Executive Producer
Heidi Stephenson VFX Producer
Lauren Fenner VFX Producer
Benedetto Bertozzi 3D Artist / Comp
Tom Goodliffe 3D Artist / Comp
Matt Townsend 3D Artist / Comp
Isaac Eluwole 3D Artist
Eder Desouza 3D Artist
Mihail Bila 3D Artist
Carl Kenyon 3D Artist
Sam Serridge 3D Artist / Comp
Ken Hau Comp
Conrad Moody Comp
Adam Cutts 2D Animation
Luca Brenna 2D Animation
Mammoth Screen LTD Production
Chocolate Tribe VFX
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