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World Racetrack

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Combining gaming and racing, an immersive experience for Formula E



We need an immersive experience for our travelling Formula E events for the Nissan team.

We produced an immersive 4D film for Nissan’s traveling brand activation space during the Formula E calendar. The film draws inspiration from Formula E and combines racing and gaming to take viewers on a journey through the world’s greatest cities. The film was designed for a robotic simulator and is presented in 360 stereoscopic format with full ambisonic sound design.

4D simulation experience


Around every corner is a different part of the world, a global racetrack, designed like an interactive game. Buckle up.

At Factory Fifteen, we have no shortage of racing fans. To start, we designed a realistic racetrack that works at a real FE pace over the set timeline we’re working to, incorporating all the major cities on the FE calendar. We then took liberties with elongating certain areas to incorporate speed boosts and magic tunnels.

For each section of the track, we gamified it in relation to its country. Highlights include giant Mexican skulls to avoid on the track, themed speed boosts, and the need to outrun a Chinese dragon.

Design Assets
portal track design
hong kong track design


An immersive race like no other.

During each event, 15 people experienced the race every 5 minutes. Thousands of people enjoyed this experience over the course of the year and we generated excitement and media attention for Nissan’s brand activation space.

Its the closest I'll ever get to designing a real racetrack. The project was an intense 7 week blast of insane ideas quick technical solutions to deliver them. I am very proud of our team delivering this over a very challenging timeline.
Paul Nicholls
giant lucky cat with lasers for eyes - because why not


Factory Fifteen
Paul Nicholls Director / Comp Lead / 3D Animator
Jonathan Gales Director / 3D Artist
Benedetto Bertozzi 3D Artist
Pawel Adamiec 3D Artist
Andrew Li 3D Artist
Ricardo David Animation Lead
Ares 3D Artist
Tom Goodliffe 3D Artist
Isaac Eluwole 3D Artist
Niclaus Van Kamp 3D Artist
Eder Desouza 3D Artist
Stefania Ragone 2D Design / Animation
Nexus Production
Dark Horses Agency
750 Music / Sound