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An Ai immersive journey, for Zeekr



We need a 'WOW' moment within our new showrooms

Zeekr, a new electric car brand, opened several European showrooms to launch their brand, designed by Unknown Works. They wanted a ‘Wow’ moment within each showroom that would speak of the brand and show the cars of in a novel way.

Together with Unknown Works, we proposed using the latest in transparent LED technology, developing a uniquely graphic piece of content, within the brief of Ai vision. We asked ourselves, how would a lidar-powered new Ai car see its environment?

The result was a powerful 5-minute looping animation that makes the static car in the showroom feel as if its in motion, scanning through a commercial district, a public square, farmland and a forest.



Designing Ai vision, producing a singular piece of content, for multiple event formats

We designed an Ai aesthetic around the idea of lidar scanning. Using real and custom-made lidar elements we built 2 different cities, a farm, and a seasonal forest. We wanted to utilize the uniquely transparent quality of the screens by using a lot of negative space, we created a scanning effect that both complimented the Ai vision conceptual approach and created the negative black space to see through the screens.



A truly unique car showroom.

The result was a successful launch of a new car brand and the creation of several truly unique car showrooms with more on the way.

The film further linked the brand with notions of electric energy and AI-powered vision while showcasing the installations to the wider public.

Within the film we reveal the meaning behind the name Zeekr, juxtaposed with abstract details of the transparent LED screens, creating a visually striking motif to electric energy
Paul Nicholls
Creative Director


Factory Fifteen
Paul Nicholls Creative Director / Art Director
Chris Barnes Producer
Matt Austin R&D Lead / Designer / 3D Artist
Ricardo David Animation Lead
Vincent Filhine Designer / 3D Artist / Comp
Sergio González Gomez Designer / 3D Artist / Comp
Matt Townsend Designer / 3D Artist
Oleh Horban Designer / 3D Artist
Benedetto Bertozzi Designer / 3D Artist
Manel Costa Early Concept Support
Claudio Voicu DOP
Unknown Works Showroom Design