• Factory fifteen are looking for some extras for a super secret super awesome music video currently in production and due to be shot over 2 days from the 31st of July to the 1st of August. We need people over both days but people can opt for one day depending on their availability. 

    Location 01 - We need people to simply walk down a street in 1 main location. It will be a wide shot and several close up shots with our main cast (1 guy). 

    Location 02 - We will be fitting out this empty office space with 4 desks, moving the desks and re-shooting, we need people to be simply sitting at the desks pretending to work. 

    Styling - We have a great stylist who will be bringing clothes but please wear on the day light coloured trousers and top, no skirts (girls) white, grey, beige. Smart, shirts, jackets, smart tops. NO trainers / NO bushy beards / NO DENIM


  • Calling all contacts / friends / followers. 

    We are in need of 2 further locations for a new super awesome super secret music video we are directing in a few weeks; A rooftop and an empty ish office. We are exploring all options so if you think you might know somewhere who will let us shoot then please email paul@factoryfifteen.com. We are fully insured and are filming simple scenes so no explosives ;) 

    The rooftop needs to look like a rooftop not a decked nice place, somewhere your not supposed to be, epic view not essential but preferred.

    Office preferably empty as we are going to build a little set of desks but we are also exploring operational offices too. 


    Factory Fifteen take on the Bordeaux Challenge 2014. We will ride 530 miles between St Malo and Bordeaux in just 3 days in relay as a team of four. We will also be riding the Bordeaux Challenge in memory of Dave Thomas, a great friend and talented film editor. Please spare whatever you can for this great cause which will give us that extra bit of motivation while training…!


  • Playing around in the studio with some props for a secret, upcoming project. 

  • A short film created for Brookfield Europe & Foster & Partners for a new commercial development on the border of the central capital and shoreditch in london. The films focus was to highlight the sites unique positioning within London.

  • New project Xavier is now online. Watch the 3 minute concept video

    See the project page with artwork HERE

  • Last week Matt took a trip over to Gothenburg, Sweden, to do a lecture to architectural students at Chalmers university of technology and a screening of our films.

    This was to coincide with the ‘Visualising Architecture’ exhibition orgainsed by architecture journal ‘PAPER magazine’ (Platform for Architectural Projects, Essays & Research).

    It was also the launch of the next issue of PAPER, Visualising Architecture.

    Our work was shown alongside Peter Guthrie, MIR and Ness Lafoy.

  • Our head of visualisation Matt Townsend combines his love for visualisation with his love for bikes in this great self made pro-bono piece for cofa engineering. All in his free time…! 


    We are still looking for Junior and senior visualisers to join our growing but small team. Please do send your CV to jobs@factoryfifteen.com 

    UK work visa, London Based

  • Short tests renders for ‘The Skyliner’ building, designed for The Mob as part of a current TV production pitch. 

  • Factory Fifteen are proud to announce that our CG-School Master classes are now online. In San Francisco and Boston we joined NeoscapeStudio AMD and Kilograph in a 6 day live teaching class. CGArchitect has been hard at work editing the terabytes of files into these brilliant packages. 

    If you want to learn how we made our 20 minute short film Jonah, from modelling, artwork creation, tracking in pftrack, animation in 3ds max, particle effects using various max plugins, rendering in vray for stills and animation and compositing in nuke, then this is the place.

    We also cover how we are starting to use nuke in our architectural image workflow to streamline to iteration process. 

    We are very excited to share our knowledge and workflows with the wider community so please share this event around.  


  • So Factory Fifteen will be headed down under for VISCON 2014. Register for the event HERE and see us present our new work, as well as live workshops on how we created some of our visual effects and design work. Lots of other great studios presenting too. See the list, doesn’t get much bigger.  

  • Matt won this weeks half hour Photoshop Pro Of the Week Competition with his war on Killer cattle image.

  • Our latest short film Chupan Chupai is finally released:

    Chupan Chupai is a short film installation that combines environment design and cinema in an exhibition format. The project was developed for the ‘Future Perfect’ exhibition as part of the 2013 Architecture Triennale in Lisbon, Portugal and was presented by DAZED as part of the Visionaries series. 

    In a near future heavily influenced by the imminent boom of the Indian subcontinent, an emerging technology and economic superpower a new digital city has developed. The film follows a group of young children as they play a game of hide and seek (Chupan Chupai) in the bustling streets of this smart city. Through their play the children discover how to hack the city, opening up a cavernous network of hidden and forgotten spaces, behind the scenes of everyday streets.

    The project was shot on location in India and uses a mixture of animation and visual effects to embellish the design of the city and locations that are pictured.

    Based on a short story by Tim Maly
    Directed by FACTORY FIFTEEN
    Produced by Liam Young

  • Our latest image for Jestico and Whiles architects made it into the new INSPIRATION:Rain section on CG architect. Check it out!

    Thanks Jeff Mottle!


  • Our new brochure booklets are finished. Containing 2 showreels on a dvd and a small booklets outlining the various types of work that we do. 

  • An interview with Paul Nicholls and Jonathan Gales on the making of D&AD’s “I wish I’d done that” campaign.

  • We will be hosting @3dslondon next Wednesday at our studio (ambitious). Join us from 7pm onwards where we will be showing 4 projects including the recently Dazed Digital featured studio project ‘Chupan Chupai’, D&AD ident ‘I wish I’d done that’, a secret sci-fi project called Xavier and Factory fav ‘Jonah’. All in good spirited geeky fun with a few beers. We look forward to seeing you there…! 

    Map HERE

  • Factory Fifteen brings the D&AD award pencil to life within several animated stings for the 2014 call for entries. Each category is represented within hidden animated worlds inside the D&AD yellow pencil award. Each world is built from several past winners of the award from each category, all brought to life in playful animation in a miniature model scale.
    The animation proceeds and follows a ‘I wish I’d done that’ interview of acclaimed design or advertising ambassadors as they talk through an example of a stand out piece which ‘they wish they had done’.  
    Factory Fifteen designed 3 ‘carousels’ for worlds within DESIGN, ADVERTISING & DIGITAL categories for the awards. 
    Client: D&AD
    Director: Factory Fifteen
    Design / Animation / VFX: Factory Fifteen
    Production: Nexus Productions
    Sound DesignEchoic

    Click HERE to see the full project.